Why Do Artists Keep Making New Renditions Of Girl With A Pearl Earring?

The original girl with a pearl earring painting was made by a Dutch painter in the 17th century. This painting has become an instantly recognizable piece of artwork and is shared throughout the Internet very often nowadays. Many amateur artists like to make their own version of it. Some artists make parodies of it while others have more serious approaches. Aside from the Mona Lisa it is actually one of the most famous paintings in the world so it is not a wonder that people keep on making new versions of it.

Girl with a pearl earring is a new trend in artwork. Sometimes old pieces of artwork have reemerged and girl with a pearl earring is not the only piece of artwork like this. The Russian singer Edward Khil made a famous song during the time of the Soviet union and only many years later did he become an Internet meme. The American singer Rick Astley also made his classic song Never Gonna Give You Up in the 80s and it was only decades later that it became Internet famous. Girl with a Pearl earring is similar in that sense. Although it was appreciated for many years prior to the Internet it has now become trending again like some sort of meme.

The girl with a Pearl earring is iconic due to the earring that she is wearing as well as what she is wearing on her head. Her earring in the original painting is a pearl obviously but what’s on her head looks like some type of turban. In October 2022 protesters attempted to damage the painting but due to the glass that was protecting at the painting was undamaged and the protesters were taken away.

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